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C# Question

Move the cursor in a DataGridView based on textbox vaule

How can i move the cursor and highlighting the selected row based on text box value for example text box value.

The below code is used based on number of cell but i am looking for to select entered value in text box.

dgpay.CurrentCell = dgpay.Rows[2].Cells[0];
dgpay.Rows[2].Selected = true;

Answer Source

You need to set CUrrentCell first, then call BeginEdit by passing true as parameter to put the current cell in edit mode and select all the cell's contents. For example:

this.dataGridView1.CurrentCell = this.dataGridView1.Rows[2].Cells[0];

Note: For example if you want to find the first cell in DataGridView based on some value and select the cell and begin editing you can use such code:

var cell = dataGridView1.Rows.Cast<DataGridViewRow>()
                .SelectMany(x => x.Cells.Cast<DataGridViewCell>())
                .Where(x => string.Format("{0}", x.FormattedValue) == textBox1.Text)
if (cell != null)
    this.dataGridView1.CurrentCell = cell;
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