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Node Stub a method that returns an object

I have a module that has some properties. I am using it as below

Var propmodule = require('me-props');
var prop = new propmodule('server');
prop.get('min); //returns 3
prop.get('max') //returns 10

I have to mock this for testing. Did the below code using proxyquire and sinon

var spro = proxyquire('../lib/add.js',{
'me-props' : sinon.stub.returns({
get : sinon.stub.returns({
min :'3',
max : '10

The above code works. But while testing, the get method call returns an object.
get(min) returns an object.
var a = prop.get() and then a('min') returns 3.
But prop.get('min') returns an object.

How can i modify the stub to return the value for the get call?

Answer Source

One solution would be to predicate the returns with a withArgs so it will match the function arguments (min and max) and return a appropriate value:

var stub = sinon.stub();
stub.throws('InvalidArgument'); // Throw an exception when an invalid argument is used.

var spro = proxyquire('../lib/add.js', { 'me-props' : { get : stub } });
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