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making a multiline, expanding TextInput with React-Native

I'm working on a react-native app and need a TextInput that has similar functionality to the textview in the "messages" app on iOS—it should start out as one line and then gracefully expand to more lines until some limit (like 5 lines of text) and then start scrolling along to latest line as needed.

Took a look at the

but a) seems like it has a lot of stuff that I don't want and b) I'd like to try to keep as much code in React (and out of objective-C/swift) as possible.

Edit: Just want to emphasize that I would prefer REACT (JAVASCRIPT) code, as stated above, rather than Objective-C or Swift.

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I tried two different ways to do this today. Neither are the best but I thought I'd record my efforts in case they are helpful. They both definitely had the effect you are looking for, though sometime delayed with all the async communication.

1) Offscreen Text height

So just under the TextInput, I added a regular Text field with the same font and padding and such. I registered the onChange listener on the input and called setState({text: event.nativeEvent.text}). The Text filed got its value from the state. Both had onLayout Listeners. Basically, the goal was to get the height for the TextInput from the (unrestricted) Text. Then I hid the Text way offscreen


2) Native Module

Really, I just needed the height of the content in the real UITextView. So I added a category to RCTUIManager as there are several methods there already that are helpful. I got rid of the hidden Text view. So onChange, I ask for the height and use that in the same way via the state.


3) Github PR

What I really hope is that this PR gets accepted. It looks to do something like this automatically.


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