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Angular2/Typescript Pull to Refresh

I am currently using Angular2/Typescript/PhoneGap on a mobile project, and attempting to use Angular2 to achieve Pull to Refresh functionality. Unfortunately, I'm unable to use Onsenui, Ionic, or jQuery for the solution due to project constraints.

As a rather new Angular dev (I'm a Junior Dev in general), I've been unable to find any examples that are in Angular2/Typescript (and don't use the above frameworks). Most of the existing libraries seem to be Angular1 and abandoned. See here and here.

My question is this: does anyone know of any Angular2 examples I can learn from or alternate solutions to accomplish this? And if not, is my best option to learn Angular1 well enough to convert one of these abandoned projects to Angular2?

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You definitely should take a look to the basics of angular 1. Since angular2 is still young, in the future, you may have to implement some features not already available . For now, i created a naive implementation of the first library that you linked.

    selector: 'ptr-container',
    styles: [`
        :host {
            display: block;
            max-height: 50px;
            overflow: auto;
    template: `
        <section [hidden]="!inProgress">
            refresh in progress ... (change it by your own loader)
export class PullToRefreshComponent {
    private lastScrollTop:number = 0;
    private isAtTop:boolean = false;
    private element:any;

    @Input('refresh') inProgress:boolean = false;
    @Output() onPull:EventEmitter<any> = new EventEmitter<any>();

    constructor(el:ElementRef) {
        this.element = el.nativeElement;

    private get scrollTop() { return this.element.scrollTop || 0; }

    onScroll() {
        if(this.scrollTop <= 0 && this.lastScrollTop <= 0) {
            if(this.isAtTop) this.onPull.emit(true);
            else this.isAtTop = true;
        this.lastScrollTop = this.scrollTop;


And here is a basic usage

    selector: 'app',
    template: `
        <ptr-container (onPull)="onPull()" [refresh]="isInProgress"></ptr-container>
export class AppComponent {

    isInProgress:boolean = false;

    onPull() {
        this.isInProgress = true;


I haven't tested the basic library but this should works. You may have to debounce the onScroll method to avoid spam the event emitter.

Hope it will helps you.

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