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Scala Question

Concat two Scala Array

I have two Array like this:

val l1 = Array((1,2,3), (6,2,-3), (6,2,-4))
val l2 = Array("a","b","c")

I would like to put values of l2 in array at the same position in l1 and obtain a final array like that

Array((1,2,3,"a"), (6,2,-3,"b"), (6,2,-4,"c"))

I was thinking about something like:

val l3 = l1.map( code...)

But i don't know how to iterate on l2 during map on l1.

Do you have any idea?

Answer Source

Combining collections in this way can be done with Zipping.

l1.zip(l2).map{ case (x,y) => (x._1, x._2, x._3, y) }
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