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Git Question

how can i push my existing project in visual studio 2015 to TFS

I have an existing Cordova project on visual studio 2015 and i need to push it on Team Foundation Server so how?

just what i did : file --> new --> Project from existing code, and then choose Cordova ...

so now i want to push it on Team Foundation Server..

but it didn't work by command line so i installed visual studio 2015 to try push it

Answer Source

Since a git push should work, check if you didn't add and commit a huge file in your project.

Or at least, try

git config --global http.postBuffer 524288000

Both cases were seen in "Git hangs while writing objects".

But if git status reports "Your branch is up to date with origin master.", then the previous push must have succeeded. At least try a git fetch to check if the remote repo updates anything.

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