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JavaScript - Getting value of data attribute returns undefined

So I have a

attribute that holds an integer value fetched from my database. I get the value of it but it returns undefined. I inspected the browser and my data-time attribute stores the value correctly.
It is really strange because I am doing the same thing before that and it doesn't return undefined. Here is my code:

<option data-price="{{ $availableOption->price * $course }}" data-time="{{ $availableOption->delivery_time }}">


$('.config-option option:selected').each(function() {
var currentElement = $('this');
var optionDeliveryTimeStr = currentElement.attr('data-time');

I do the exact same thing before that with the data-price attribute and it returns the value as string. But it doesn't work with the data-time attribute. If someone could offer a solution and an explanation I would be very thankful.

Answer Source

Your problem is this line

 var currentElement = $('this');

remove quotes from this and replace it with

 var currentElement = $(this);
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