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How to install Multiple themes all at a time in Ubuntu 16.04?

I have downloaded the theme files and trying to install one at a time.Is there any specific way to install all at a time?

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To install multiple themes
make a folder .themes in your home directory copy all theme folders to this directory

mkdir ~/.themes

Then open Unity Tweak Tool and select themes and you will see all the themes there

Similarly same for installing fonts and icon themes too

mkdir ~/.fonts and copy all the fonts

mkdir ~/.icons and copy all the icon themes

icon themes should be in .icons

If the themes are of .deb files just do the following steps make new folder

mkdir newfolder

you can give any name you like but make sure that it contains only your theme files
next change directory to that new folder

cd 'your folder path'

next run the flllowing script,be sure you are in the new directory you have created and it contains only .deb theme files

for theme in *;do sudo dpkg -i $theme;done

Here dpkg means debian package

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