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Offline private NPM repository

I read about building private NPM mirrors/repositories, but didn't quite understand.

My goal is to make a repository that currently up to date, that contains all NPM packages available at the NPM website (The free packages) that I need.
After downloading all packages I need to move it to a private network which is not connected to the internet.
And set up a repository that will accept NPM requests in that private network.

every month I will update the packages I have outside the private network, and enter it to our private network again.

I never done anything like this before, Can anyone like guide me through it
or Does anyone has a reading source that will explain step by step?

Good day !

Answer Source

This appears to be one way of doing what you want:


UPDATE: There seem to be a few ways to do this now.

For example:

  1. https://codebox.sh/ - free private npm registry
  2. http://blog.runkit.com/2016/09/13/tonic-is-now-runkit-a-part-of-stripe.html: "We started by buidling module-fs, a virtual filesystem capable of representing the entire state of npm at any particular microsecond. With module-fs we could make every version of the over 300,000 packages on npm available instantly. With truly immediate and frictionless access to any package, you could begin to think of npm as the global standard library, as essential to development tomorrow as built-in libraries are today."
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