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Android - customize "your recent screens appear here" / "your recent apps" screen

I realy dint know how this screen is named :/ i called it after the message it shows when no app is running "your recent screens appear here". It basicly shows all apps currently runnning on the device.

So you know what im talking about here screens (sry big and spammy) with and without running apps. The second screen also shows the google widget i want to get rid off.
enter image description here
enter image description here

Is there a way to adjust the "your recent screens appear here" screen on Android phones and Tablets?

Is there a solution without using the Device Administration API?

If the Device Administration API is required - where can i find a documentation/tutorial that teaches me how to do it?

Currently we created a Launcher App for Android in order to deny access to most other Apps. It only shows our app and the android settings.

Unfortunately there is an Google Widget on the "your recent screens appear here" screen. It is the same widget shown on the Home screen, when using the default launcher. When i disable the Google Application the Widget disappears properly from the Home screen, but leaves a "CouldnĀ“t add widget" message on the "your recent screens appear here" screen.
Currently we are looking for an easy solution to get rid of that widget.

Answer Source

there is actually no way to customize this page without changes in the OS.

still i found a workarround to get rid of the widget. when starting an App i add a flag that prevents it from beeing displayed in the recent apps screen. this way the user only sees the empty recent apps screen which has no widget.

Intent i = manager.getLaunchIntentForPackage(apps.get(pos).name.toString());
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