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Validate phone number ios

I need to validate an international phone number.

I know its difficult to validate an international phone number, so I'm going to keep it simple:

or 00 then 6-14 numbers

My current code using a regex isn't working for some reason which I can't work out. It just says that it cannot open the regex and crashes.

Here is my current code:

NSString *phoneRegex = @"^[\+(00)][0-9]{6,14}$";
NSPredicate *phoneTest = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"SELF MATCHES %@", phoneRegex];

BOOL phoneValidates = [phoneTest evaluateWithObject:phoneNumber];

Where am I going wrong?


Answer Source
NSString *phoneRegex = @"^((\\+)|(00))[0-9]{6,14}$";

This way its a bit better. Your way it will work as well if you escape the "\"

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