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Installing PHP in my home directory

I need to install PHP in my home directory, without polluting any directory outside my home [very important requirement!]. In the system there is already an older version of PHP running.

I found instructions here:

I am running these commands in my home directory, as normal user


$ ./configure --prefix=/home/dan/php
$ make
$ INSTALL_ROOT=/home/dan/php make install

The author of the article states that you need to use both
to make sure nothing gets installed outside your home dir.

PHP gets installed (yeah!), however unfortunately it gets installed here:


whilst I was hoping to get it installed here:


What should I do? Should I use just one the directives? What's the neatest and conventional way to do this?

Answer Source

This is all simply:

INSTALL_ROOT=/ DESTDIR=/ make install

I think this because of this, but I am probably wrong:

You use both $PWD/configure --prefix= and the the INSTALL_ROOT variable with make. Those two options are mutually exclusive.
When you use --prefix, you ask to add a path before each path of files to be installed in the make files. Then you use INSTALL_ROOT variable.

Configure create static make rules; so make couldn't have a way to make some difference:
It add the path you specified with configure a second time.

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