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NPM behind NTLM proxy

Is it possible to run

behind an HTTP proxy, which uses NTLM authentication? If yes, how can I set the server's address and port, the username, and the password?

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I solved it this way (OS: Windows XP SP3):

1. Download CNTLM installer and run it.

2. Find and fill in these fields in cntlm.ini. Do not fill in the Password field, it's never a good idea to store unencrypted passwords in text files.

Domain      YOUR_DOMAIN
Listen      53128

3. Open console, and type these commands to generate password hashes.

> cd c:\the_install_directory_of_cntlm
> cntlm -H
Password: ...type proxy password here...
PassLM          D6888AC8AE0EEE294D954420463215AE
PassNT          0E1FAED265D32EBBFB15F410D27994B2
PassNTLMv2      91E810C86B3FD1BD14342F945ED42CD6

4. Copy the above three lines into cntlm.ini, under the Domain field's line. Once more, do not fill in the Password field. Save cntlm.ini.

5. Open the Service Manager (from command line: services.msc), and start the service called "CNTLM Authentication Proxy".

6. In the console, type these lines:

> npm config set proxy http://localhost:53128
> npm config set https-proxy http://localhost:53128
> npm config set registry http://registry.npmjs.org

7. Now npm view, npm install etc. should work. Example:

> npm view qunit
...nice answer, no errors :)
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