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Ui-Router $state.go inside $on('$stateChangeStart') is cauzing an infinite loop

I'm trying to introduce login into the way the user navigates accross the application.

I pretend to redirect the user to the page were he was before he navigate to the login page if that page meets specific requirements

Preventing the event from the $stateChangeStart stop's the state change like expected but when i run the $state.go('into_somewhere') i enter an infinit loop

My angular version is 1.3.1 and the ui-router is the latest

.factory('RouteHistory', function ($rootScope,$log, $state, Auth, $urlRouter, $timeout) {

// after the user enter a page
var currentState = '';

// when the user is trying to access a page that he has not permissions
// or that requires the user to be logged in
var pendingState = '';

var isMenuTogglerVisible = false;
var skipFromStateVal = true;

$rootScope.$on('$stateChangeStart', function(event, toState, toParams, fromState, fromParams){


if (toState.name == 'login' && fromState.name != 'login'){
$log.log('Ui-router: changing to login');
// $urlRouter.sync();
//pendingState = fromState;
//$log.log('Peding state updated to:' + pendingState.name );

if (fromState.name == 'login' && Auth.isLoggedIn()) {
$log.log('Ui-router: going from login');
// $state.go('home', null, {/*reload: true, location: 'replace'*/});

'toState': toState,
'toParams': toParams,
'fromState': fromState,
'fromParams': fromParams


return {


Answer Source

In general I would say, let's redirect ($state.go()) only if needed. In other cases, get out from the event listener:

if (toState.name === 'login' ){
  // doe she/he try to go to login? - let him/her go

   // is logged in? - can go anyhwere

// else

This is simplified logic, but shows, that we should change to execution only if needed. There are some other examles with more detailed implementation and plunkers:

As provided in the comment, there was plunker, which I changed like this here

// three new lines
if (toState.name === 'specialRoute'){

if (fromState.name=='route1'){

And this is not looping anymore. Please, check it here

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