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Using SQL query to determine if a table exists

Guys is there any other way to determine a table exists other than below

  1. select count(*) from <table> where rownum =1

  2. select * from user_table where table_name=<table>

kindly let me know the best way to check whether a table exists using oracle sql.

Thanks for the answer , my requirement is to check from the first date of current month ie 01/12/2010 with table name in the format suresh_20101201 exists in the database, if not then it should check for table suresh_20101202 and thereon till suresh_20101231 . is it possible to do in oracle sql query.

Answer Source

You can do this (in oracle, in mssql there is a bit different):

select count(*)
from all_objects
where object_type in ('TABLE','VIEW')
and object_name = 'your_table_name';
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