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How to customize message box

I am doing C# application, and I want to change the style of a message box. Is it possible or not?

Example: change button style, fore color, etc.

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You can't restyle the default MessageBox as that's dependant on the current Windows OS theme, however you can easily create your own MessageBox. Just add a new form (i.e. MyNewMessageBox) to your project with these settings:

FormBorderStyle    FixedToolWindow
ShowInTaskBar      False
StartPosition      CenterScreen

To show it use myNewMessageBoxInstance.ShowDialog();. And add a label and buttons to your form, such as OK and Cancel and set their DialogResults appropriately, i.e. add a button to MyNewMessageBox and call it btnOK. Set the DialogResult property in the property window to DialogResult.OK. When that button is pressed it would return the OK result:

MyNewMessageBox myNewMessageBoxInstance = new MyNewMessageBox();
DialogResult result = myNewMessageBoxInstance.ShowDialog();
if (result == DialogResult.OK)
    // etc

It would be advisable to add your own Show method that takes the text and other options you require:

public DialogResult Show(string text, Color foreColour)
     lblText.Text = text;
     lblText.ForeColor = foreColour;
     return this.ShowDialog();
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