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Double-Check-Locking guarantees state of the object ? (concurrency in practice)

I am reading concurrency in practice and have some misunderstanding.


the real problem with DCL is the assumption that the worst thing that
can happen when reading the shared object reference without
synchronization is to erroneously see a stale value (in this case,
null); in that cse the DCL idiom compensates for this risk by trying
again with the lock held. But the worst case is actually considerably
wrong - it is possible to see a current value of the reference but
stale values for the object's states, meaning that the object could be
seen to be in an invalid or incorrect state.

after Brian Goetz writes that DCL will work in current memory model using volatile:

public class DoubleCheckLociing{

private static volatile Resource resource;

public static Resource getInstance(){
if(resource == null){
if(resource == null){
resource = new Resource();
return resource;

I am not sure if understand the phrase about state correct.

Lets imagine that
class looks like this:

class Resource{
private Date date = new Date();//mutable thread unsafe class
private int k = 10;

public Date getDate(){
return date;

public int getK(){
return k;


Does I have guaranties that
always return
resource which always return correct
(10) and

Answer Source

With the volatile in place you do have those guarantees. Without the volatile you do not.

When one thread writes the volatile variable resource, the operation includes a 'memory barrier' that ensures that everything it wrote before that, like the initialization of the instance fields, is written out to system memory first.

When another thread reads resource, it includes a memory barrier that ensures that no reads performed after that will see values that were cached from system memory before that read.

These two memory barriers ensure that if a thread sees an initialized resource variable, then it will also see properly initialized fields in that object.

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