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Which is the best way to make config changes in conf files in ansible

Initially I used a

to deploy my application in

I had various
commands to replace variables like the PHP upload file size, post size, log file location etc.

Now I am shifting to ansible. I know I can copy the files, but how can I make changes to the conf files? Like if i just want to change the
upload_filesize = 50M
parameter. I don't want to make copies of the whole conf file and then replace with my file.

Sometimes it’s only a one-line change. Is there any better way to edit the config files in ansible?


If it's an INI file, then your specific requirements can be probably met by ini_file module (

If your change is limited just few lines (or eve one), then you can probably look at lineinfile module (

Should you however need to change large number of settings, then it may be more beneficial to use template ( or assemble ( The main disadvantage of this approach is that you may need to review your template or fragments when updating your dependency.