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CSS Question

put a `<custom-tag>` instead of a `<ul>` or `<ol>` to create a list

Before you mark this as duplicate: i've seen this Can you have <li>s without them being under a <ul> or <ol>? but they solve the problem by using styles.

Here is my question: can I have

items inside a
instead of

so something like this:


would look like this:


The context of the problem

I want to create a new component for simditor: a component for roman numerals on an orderer list, but it recognizes the
as his "built-in"
button... it seems like it uses the tag names to detect whether the button is active on a piece of the editor, so I want to fix this by using a tag with another name, right now, this solution seems easier than rewriting the whole library.


No, you can't.

4.4.7 The li element

Contexts in which this element can be used:

  • Inside ol elements.
  • Inside ul elements.

If you want to use custom elements for the lists, you could also use them for the items: