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Mongoose Aggregate and Sort

I'm having a lot of difficult to get solve this mongodb (mongoose) problem.

There is this schema 'Recommend' (username, roomId, ll and date) and this collection has insertion every user recommendation.

I need to get list of most recommend rooms (roomId). Above i show you the schema and my solution mongoose query.

var recommendSchema = mongoose.Schema({
username: String,
roomId: String,
ll: { type: { type: String }, coordinates: [ ] },
date: Date
recommendSchema.index({ ll: '2dsphere' });

var Recommend = mongoose.model('Recommend', recommendSchema);
_id: '$roomId',
recommendCount: { $sum: 1 }
function (err, res) {
if (err) return handleError(err);
var resultSet = res.sort({'recommendCount': 'desc'});


Answer Source

The results returned from the aggregation pipeline are just plain objects. So you do the sorting as a pipeline stage, not as a separate operation:

        // Grouping pipeline
        { "$group": { 
            "_id": '$roomId', 
            "recommendCount": { "$sum": 1 }
        // Sorting pipeline
        { "$sort": { "recommendCount": -1 } },
        // Optionally limit results
        { "$limit": 5 }
    function(err,result) {

       // Result is an array of documents

So there are various pipeline operators that can be used to $group or $sort or $limit and other things as well. These can be presented in any order, and as many times as required. Just understanding that one "pipeline" stage flows results into the next to act on.

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