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Mouse position inside autoscaled SVG

I am experiencing troubles concerning the position of mouse cursor inside my SVG document. I'd like to design a potentiometer that will follow the cursor when dragged, using JavaScript in an HTML page.

I tried evt.clientX/Y and evt.screenX/Y but as my SVG is in autoscale, coordinates inside my SVG are different. I have been searching for an answer for days now but I couldn't find any solution (either knowing my SVG rescaling factor in real time or have a function for mouse location in SVG coordinates system).

The rotation will follow a simple rule:

if ( evt.screenX < xc)

ang = Math.atan( (evt.screenY - yc)/(evt.screenX - xc) )*360/(2*Math.PI) - 90;

if( evt.screenX > xc )

ang = Math.atan( (evt.screenY - yc)/(evt.screenX - xc) )*360/(2*Math.PI) + 90;

With (xc;yc) as center of rotation and replacing all evt.screenX/Y by the coordinates of the mouse inside my SVG.


See this code, which not only shows how to transform from screen space to global SVG space, but also how to transform a point from SVG space into the transformed space of an element:

In short:

// Find your root SVG element
var svg = document.querySelector('svg');

// Create an SVGPoint for future math
var pt = svg.createSVGPoint();

// Get point in global SVG space
function cursorPoint(evt){
  pt.x = evt.clientX; pt.y = evt.clientY;
  return pt.matrixTransform(svg.getScreenCTM().inverse());

  var loc = cursorPoint(evt);
  // Use loc.x and loc.y here

Edit: I've created a sample tailored to your needs (albeit only in global SVG space):

It adds the following method to the above:

function rotateElement(el,originX,originY,towardsX,towardsY){
  var angle = Math.atan2(towardsY-originY,towardsX-originX);
  var degrees = angle*180/Math.PI + 90;
    'translate('+originX+','+originY+') ' +
      'rotate('+degrees+') ' +