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JGit: Use TreeWalk to get content of file

I want to get content of files. The input is the revision.
How I can get content of files that in working directory or stage area
for example if I have file 'Test' with value '1'
If I did change to '2' and stage the file
now I did another change on the same file to '3'
Now I have two files one stage and one is not. How I can get the content of the file.

In the code I found I can get the information only for the commit ID or HEAD

try (RevWalk revWalk = new RevWalk(getRepository())) {
RevCommit revCommit = revWalk.parseCommit(revision);
RevTree tree = revCommit.getTree();

try (TreeWalk treeWalk = new TreeWalk(getRepository())) {
if (! {
ObjectId objectId = treeWalk.getObjectId(0);
ObjectLoader loader =;
content = new String(loader.getBytes());

Answer Source

In order to traverse over the entries of the staging area, you need to get hold of the repository's DirCache. This class represents the staging area.

For example:

DirCache index = repository.lockDirCache();
try {
  // create treeWwalk
  treeWalk.addTree( new DirCacheIterator( index ) )
  // iterate over treeWalk
} finally {

Once you have obtained a locked dir cache, it can be added to the tree walk. Don't forget to unlock the dir cache as soon as it is not needed any longer.

In the same way as in your code snippet, you can use treeWalk.getObjectId( 0 ) to return the blob id of the current entry.

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