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Javascript Question

How to restart recursive function in JS using setTimeout and clearTimeout?

I am trying to build simple chat module in CodeIgniter.

var last_id = 1;


$.post("<?php echo base_url() ?>index.php/msg/update",{
message: $("#content").val(),
con_id: <?php echo $con['conversation_id'] ?>
}, function(){

return false;

function loadMsgs() {
$.getJSON('<?php echo base_url() ?>index.php/msg/backend/<?php echo $con['conversation_id'] ?>/' + last_id, function(json) {
$.each(json, function(i,val){
if(<?php echo $login_id ?> == val.sender_id){
$("#messagewindow").append('<div class="bubble"><p>' + val.msg + '</p></div>');
} else {
$("#messagewindow").append('<div class="bubble bubble-right"><p>' + val.msg + '</p></div>');
var newIndex = json.length-1;
if(typeof(json[newIndex]) != 'undefined'){
last_id = json[newIndex].msg_id;
setTimeout('loadMsgs()', 4000);
function updateScroll(){
var element = document.getElementById("messagewindow");
element.scrollTop = element.scrollHeight;

I have function loadMsgs that use $.getJSON to call for controller that grabs last messages from database and then append them to #messagewindow. Last thing in callback is setTimeout so hat is updated every 4 seconds.

On submit action I post new message to controller and in callback call loadMsgs again. As a result of that every time I submit new message additional call is added which is not good.

I tried to clearTimeout adding global variable id, changed
var id = setTimeout('loadMsgs()', 4000);
added clearTimeout(id);
before calling loadMsgs again after submiting another message. However nothing changes.

Answer Source

If you have a global variable id, and then in your handler you're calling

var id = setTimeout('loadMsgs()', 4000);

you're never touching the global id.

By having var again in your handler, you're defining another (and another...) copy of id, setting a timeout on each. Var defines a NEW variable, and it looks like you're doing that repeatedly. Take out the var in the handler:

id = setTimeout('loadMsgs()', 4000);
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