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Java Question

Java cast interface to class

I have a question about interface and class implementing interface.

This is my code:

interface iMyInterface {
public iMethod1();

public class cMyClass implements iMyInterface {
public iMethod1() {
// some code
protected iMethod2() {
// some code

I would like to create an instance of
as this :

iMyInterface i = new cMyClass();

It's ok, but how can I call
from my interface instance? Is this working and safe:


Thanks for help.

Answer Source

Yes, that will work (if you change the declaration of cMyClass to implement iMyInterface) and it's safe so long as the reference really does refer to an instance of cMyClass.

However, it's a generally bad idea. The whole point of using an interface is to be able to work with any implementation - it's to separate the abstraction from the implementation. If you're then going to require a specific implementation, you might as well make the type of i just cMyClass to start with.

So suppose instead of calling the cMyClass constructor yourself, you receive a method parameter of type iMyInterface - it's a bad idea to cast to cMyClass at that point, as it could be a different implementation of the interface.

(On a separate note, it's a good idea to start following Java naming conventions, which state that classes and interfaces should be Pascal-cased - so ditch the c and i prefixes.)

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