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How to redirect in django along with the request object

I am facing a problem regarding the redirects in django.I am using an ajax call to login and in return i am getting a json on failure and on success a template.

But On Success the response is getting rendered as html instead it should redirect to home page using


i tried

i don't get a request object and hence i can't get the session parameter which is my requirement.

Note: This might have some typos as i renamed some variables for confidentiality.


def sign_in(request):
:param request: data(json)
response_data = None
if request.method == 'POST':
print "Request Landed"
data = request.POST.get('data', None)
data = json.loads(data)
username = data.get("username", None)
password = data.get("password", None)
user = auth.authenticate(username=username, password=password)
if user is not None:
if user.is_active:
auth.login(request, user)
context = RequestContext(request)
context_dict = {}
request.session['username'] = username
request.session['dd_id'] = str(P.objects.get(username=username).dd_id)
return render_to_response("p/home.html", context_dict, context)
response_data = json.dumps({'status': 'NOT OK', 'reason_phrase': 'Account confirmation is pending at '
'your end.Please check your email '
'address for confirmation link.'})
response_data = json.dumps({'status': 'NOT OK', 'reason_phrase': 'Invalid Credentials!'})
response_data = json.dumps({'status': 'NOT OK', 'reason_phrase': 'Invalid Request type!'})
return generate_response(response_data=response_data)


I used a ajax request and sent a redirect on failure for a json to show invalid details error and render_to_response in case of success.Failure works fine but on success i am seing the template that is being sent by render_to_response on the same page....How to cope with that..

Can anyone help me?

Answer Source

The reason it is rendered as HTML is because you have used render_to_response ...that's what it does :)

So instead of this:

return render_to_response("p/home.html", context_dict, context)

you should do:

return redirect('home')

where 'home' is the name of the url to your homepage view in

you'll need this import at the top of your view file:

from django.shortcuts import redirect

in your home view you will have access to a request object and session data that you need

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