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.Net Framework: exception in w3wp.exe

I developed website with web forms in 3.5. I ran it with IIS. It worked good earlier. But exception occured suddenly, when I debugged it. Message was "An unhandled Microsoft .Net Framework exception occured in w3wp.exe [XXXX]".

It occures every time when I try to run my application. But I can run website with Cassini. There is no exception in this case. And there is no exception, when I deploy html page on IIS. Problem occures with .net apllication on IIS only.

I tried many solutions which I had found here. But noone resolved the problem.

What's matter? Can anybody help? Thanks.

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I found the message in event viewer:

"Description: The process was terminated due to an internal error in the .NET Runtime at IP 6B484BC2 (6B300000) with exit code 80131506."

It was caused by updates of .Net Framework 4.5. I uninstalled last update. It solved the problem.

Tip: How to check event viewer. Visual Studio > View > Server Explorer > SERVER_NAME > Right click on "Event Log" > Launch Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Setup.

There is information about the error: But hotfix is available by request to Microsoft only.

I don't remember number of "harmful" update. But I think, everybody will be able to find last updates to remove them.

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