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Best way to convert std::wstring to QString

I'm currently working on a larger project, where the "logic" is implemented in standard C++ with all strings being handled with

and the UI part is implemented using Qt and thus necessarily
(Bonus question: is this true?).

What is the best way to connect those two worlds?

I know I can use something like

std::wstring wideString;
QString qtString = QString::fromStdWString(wideString);

but I'm wondering if there is a nicer way with less typing involved. A user defined operator came to my mind, but I'm not experienced enough to tackle that on my own.

Would be glad if anyone could point me in the right direction.

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It's a good idea to use QString::fromStdWString but (!!!) if Qt was compiled with exactly the same STL headers as your project. If not - you can get a lot of fun, catching a bug.

If you don't sure that both STL headers are the same use QString::fromWCharArray:

std::wstring wideString;
QString qtString = QString::fromWCharArray( wideString.c_str() );

Update: answering to @juzzlin:
Lets imagine that Qt was build with the STL containing the following std::wstring:

class wstring { // I know, that there's no such class, but I'm shure you'll understand what I want to say
    wchar_t * m_ptr;
    size_t m_length;

and you have the STL containing the following std::wstring:

class wstring {
    wchar_t * m_ptr;
    wchar_t * m_the_end;

If you'll give your std::wstring to Qt, it will interpret m_the_end pointer as the length of the string, and

you can get a lot of fun, catching a bug

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