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ASP.NET (C#) Question

The F5 isn't working for VS2015 ASP.NET projects in Visual Studio 2017 RC

I've installed recently announced Visual Studio 2017 RC and found out, that in old (VS2015) ASP.NET projects the

(F5) isn't working: The Start (F5) menu is not working in old ASP.NET projects in Visual Studio 2017
But from project's contextual menu it is starting as expected: The ASP.NET project contextual menu

If I
File->New->Project->ASP.NET Web Application
then all is working as always.

Any thoughts on what causing this behaviour?

EDIT: Tried Visual Studio Community 2017 RC - the same behaviour.

Answer Source

Visual Studio 2017 RC has updated the .csproj file of my web project with this:

<servers defaultServer="SelfHostServer">
    <server name="SelfHostServer" exePath="" cmdArgs="" url="http://localhost:51775/" workingDir="" />

I don't know why this happened, but deleting that solved my problem.

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