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SQL Question

How to refer to a table, which is not yet created?

Lets say I need to create two tables which both refer to each other (they need constraints). Is the only way to create the tables without the constraints, and then add them in a separate statement? I remember that some orms can solve this themselves, but is it possible to do this only using sql and in two statements?

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You should must create the tables first without foreign keys and append them after both tables are created:

create table t1 (id int not null primary key, id2 int not null);
create table t2 (id int not null primary key, id1 int not null);

alter table t1 add foreign key (id2) references t2(id);
alter table t2 add foreign key (id1) references t1(id);

Good news: A schema dump works perfect (so is my database):

mysqldump -u root so t1 t2 | mysql -u root so

This gives no errors because mysqldump inserts DISABLE KEYS and ENABLE KEYS at the right places.

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