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Why there are showing Two Storyboards in my every new xcode project?

Whenever I am trying to open a new project xcode always giving two story board and two View controller one DataViewController instead of showing one view controller and one story board .

I am using xcode 7.3.1

my versity hood was an old project of min which has only one view controller but
when i create new project everytime now i get two view controller like alamofire project. Point to be noted that it has started to happen after cocoapods installation and alamofire installation
please If any one knows how to fix it please help.

enter image description hereenter image description here

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You've chosen a wrong template. You need to choose Single View Application while creating your project. That gives you two storyboards and one view controller in Main.storyboard to start with. You have only 2 storyboards like normal. You just two ViewControllers and two ViewController classes. Nothing to worry. Just create a new project and select Single View Application in the beginning when it asks you to choose a template. It'll be fine.