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HTML Question

What's the valid way to include an image with no src?

I have an image that I will dynamically populate with a src later with javascript but for ease I want the image tag to exist at pageload but just not display anything. I know

<img src='' />
is invalid so what's the best way to do this?

Answer Source

While there is no valid way to omit an image's source, there are sources which won't cause server hits. I recently had a similar issue with iframes and determined //:0 to be the best option. No, really!

Starting with // (omitting the protocol) causes the protocol of the current page to be used, preventing "insecure content" warnings in HTTPS pages. Skipping the host name isn't necessary, but makes it shorter. Finally, a port of :0 ensures that a server request can't be made (it isn't a valid port, according to the spec).

This is the only URL which I found caused no server hits or error messages in any browser. The usual choice — javascript:void(0) — will cause an "insecure content" warning in IE7 if used on a page served via HTTPS. Any other port caused an attempted server connection, even for invalid addresses. (Some browsers would simply make the invalid request and wait for them to time out.)

This was tested in Chrome, Safari 5, FF 3.6, and IE 6/7/8, but I would expect it to work in any browser, as it should be the network layer which kills any attempted request.

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