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Track the position of SKSpriteNode while doing a SKAction moveTo

I'm trying to figure a way to track a postions for multiple nodes, that spwan randomly on the screen so i can make a changes to them while moving when the reach random postion.

the nodes just move along the x axis and i want to be able to generate random number from 0 to postion.x of the ball, and change the color when it reachs the postion

override func update(currentTime: CFTimeInterval)

i tried tacking changes in update method but as soon as new node appers i lost track of the previos one

i also tried

let changecolor = SKAction.runBlock{
let wait = SKAction.waitForDuration(2, withRange: 6)
let changecoloratpoint = SKAction.runBlock { self.changecolorfunc(self.ball)}
let sequence1 = SKAction.sequence([wait, changecoloratpoint])
self.runAction(SKAction.repeatAction(sequence1, count: 3))

but it doesn't give me any control over the random postion

Answer Source

You have already all you needed.

Suppose you have a reference for your node:

var sprite1: SKSpriteNode!

And you want to spawn it to a random position (an example method..):


And suppose you want to moveTo your sprite1:

self.sprite1.runAction( SKAction.moveToY(height, duration: 0))

Everytime you check his position you know where is it:


So to know always your sprite1 position you could do this code and you see all it's movements:

override func update(currentTime: CFTimeInterval) {


In case you dont have references about your object spawned you can also give a name to a generic object based for example by a word followed to a counter (this is just an example):

for i in 0..<10 {
   var spriteTexture = SKTexture(imageNamed: "sprite.png")
   let sprite = SKSpriteNode(texture: spriteTexture, size: spriteTexture.size) = "sprite\(i)"

After this to retrieve/re-obtain your sprite do:

 let sprite1 = self.childNodeWithName("sprite1")
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