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Seeing the underlying SQL in the Spring JdbcTemplate?

I am learning about the wonders of JdbcTemplate and NamedParameterJdbcTemplate. I like what I see, but is there any easy way to see the underlying SQL that it ends up executing? I'd like to see this for debug purposes (in order to for example debug the resulting SQL in an outside tool).

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The Spring documentation says they're logged at DEBUG level:

All SQL issued by this class is logged at the DEBUG level under the category corresponding to the fully qualified class name of the template instance (typically JdbcTemplate, but it may be different if you are using a custom subclass of the JdbcTemplate class).

In XML terms, you need to configure the logger something like:

<category name="org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate">
    <priority value="debug" />

This subject was however discussed here a month ago and it seems not as easy to get to work as in Hibernate and/or it didn't return the expected information: Spring JDBC is not logging SQL with log4j This topic under each suggests to use P6Spy which can also be integrated in Spring according this article.

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