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Javascript - changing background color opacity with time interval

I am trying to add the background color to a

element when I click on another element, but I would like to make that as an animation in duration of 1s. I am pretty new to javascript and not sure how to do that?

I would like to animate from change opacity of
rgba(36,36,36, .1)
rgba(36,36,36, 1)

I have come up with this code and put it into my on click function, but this is obviously not working:

var topBar = setInterval(function(){ topBarBackground() }, 1000);

function topBarBackground() {
for (var i = 1; i <= 9; i++) {
$('.top-barz').css('background-color', 'rgba(36,36,36,.' + i + ')');


Answer Source

Here is some sample code to get you started


$('.button').on('click', function() {


.top-barz {
 -webkit-transition: background-color 1s linear;
 -moz-transition: background-color 1s linear;
 -o-transition: background-color 1s linear;
 -ms-transition: background-color 1s linear;
 transition: background-color 1s linear;

.top-barz.new-color {

Obviously you would change the colors to whatever color you want for your design.


Here is the Fiddle

Seems to be working fine in chrome on my end

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