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How display controls in jwplayer at smartphone same desktop

I've tried config display videos at my website using jwplayer

sources: [{
file: "/video1.mp4",
type: "mp4",
label: "360p",
default: true
tracks: [ {
file: "/video1.srt",
label: "English",
kind: "captions"
}, ],
width: "100%",
image: "/img/poster/video1.jpg",
title: "video1 my webiste",
aspectratio: "16:9",
primary: "html5",
modes: [{
type: "html5"
}, {
type: "flash",
src: "/templates/js/jwplayer.flash.swf"
}, ],
skin: {
name: "seven",
background: "transparent",
controlbar: "none",
autostart: false,
captions: {
color: "#FFFF00",
fontSize: 15,
backgroundOpacity: 30

  • controls smartphone : play, HD button controls desktop : play, HD,
    CC, volume button and progress bar

Display controls at smartphone

Display controls at desktop

Please help me about how display controls at smartphone as same as desktop

Answer Source

I have a answer for my question. Because i didn't understand this source code, other member modified it.

This css don't display controls at smartphone

.jw-reset {
    margin:0px auto;
#viewplayer {
    top: 0px
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