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Javascript Question

having hard time with javacript

Im trying to print the Book title , price and date from in xml file with ajax using javascript. I spend almost two days on it and watched some video on youtube to figure it out i could not .I do not know where im doing wrong if You could help me with it you making my day .Thank you .

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There are many things wrong with your code. Let me explain where and what:

  • I changed "POST" to "GET""GET", "books.xml", true);
  • document.getElementsById is wrong, since there is only one id, it should be: document.getElementById
  • had you use jQuery the syntax would be $('#forPrice') but since you use native JS, you must omit #, i.e. document.getElementById('forPrice') -> note the lack of #
  • since you use native JS (and not jQuery), innerHTML is a property and you need to use it as such (i.e. not .innerHTML('text') but .innerHTML = 'text' )
  • using just one variable in concatenating it will just add text to one value.. so I changed from catalog to specific values (you can revert this change if you feel like it).
  • there were a lot of ) that are not allowed.

All in all, what I changed is not totally correct, but at least the data gets loaded. However, since you do not check what has been selected from the select-option element, the data gets overwritten.

Hope this helps you get going on the right direction!

Here's the link to the working example.

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