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Java Question

convert two-dimensional array to string

I'm trying to convert a

to a string for display in a GUI. Here's my code:

String[][] tableBornes = SearchPropertiesPlugin.FillBornesTable();
String table = tableBornes.toString();

Here's what it produces:


How can I get something more readable?

Answer Source

If you want to create one-line representation of array you can use Arrays.deepToString.

In case you want to create multi-line representation you will probably need to iterate over all rows and append result of Array.toString(array[row]) like

String[][] array = { { "a", "b" }, { "c" } };

String lineSeparator = System.lineSeparator();
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

for (String[] row : array) {

String result = sb.toString();

Since Java 8 you can even use StringJoiner with will automatically add delimiter for you:

StringJoiner sj = new StringJoiner(System.lineSeparator());
for (String[] row : array) {
String result = sj.toString();

or using streams

String result = Arrays
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