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How to append two strings in Python?

I have done this operation millions of times, just using the

operator! I have no idea why it is not working this time, it is overwriting the first part of the string with the new one! I have a list of strings and just want to concatenate them in one single string! If I run the program from Eclipse it works, from the command-line it doesn't!
The list is:

["UNH+1+XYZ:08:2:1A+%CONVID%'&\r", "ORG+1A+77499505:ABC+++A+FR:EUR++123+1A'&\r", "DUM'&\r"]

I want to discard the first and the last elements, the code is:

ediMsg = ""
count = 1
print "extract_the_info, lineList ",lineList
print "extract_the_info, len(lineList) ",len(lineList)
while (count < (len(lineList)-1)):
temp = ""
# ediMsg = ediMsg+str(lineList[count])
# print "Count "+str(count)+" ediMsg ",ediMsg
print "line value : ",lineList[count]
temp = lineList[count]
ediMsg += " "+temp
print "ediMsg : ",ediMsg
count += 1
print "count ",count

Look at the output:

extract_the_info, lineList ["UNH+1+XYZ:08:2:1A+%CONVID%'&\r", "ORG+1A+77499505:ABC+++A+FR:EUR++123+1A'&\r", "DUM'&\r"]
extract_the_info, len(lineList) 8
line value : ORG+1A+77499505:ABC+++A+FR:EUR++123+1A'&
ediMsg : ORG+1A+77499505:ABC+++A+FR:EUR++123+1A'&
count 2

line value : DUM'&
DUM'& : ORG+1A+77499505:ABC+++A+FR:EUR++123+1A'&
count 3

Why is it doing so!?

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You should use the following and forget about this nightmare: