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Git Question

GIT Why do I seem to be on two branches at once?

I'm having quite an issue with my repository...

It seems that I'm on several branches at once and I can't figure out why.

Here's a screenshot of what SourceTree shows:
You can see the commit is selected on the left but there's also a disc next to the commit's description

I never faced such a problem before.

Would you know of to fix that?
I'll provide any information needed to solve this problem...

Answer Source

I don't think that you are on two branches at once, nor does Git allow this as far as I know. I believe that your master (local) branch and your remote tracking branch origin/master are up to date with each other. SourceTree is simply telling you this by showing both branches adjacent to each other. I am assuming that you are actually on the master branch.

You can confirm this by typing git status from the Bash.

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