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HTML Question

How can I play Apple HLS live stream using html5 video tag

<video id="live" autoplay controls>
<source src="http://[WOWZA-IP]:1935/Live/mp4:[LIVESTREAMNAME]/playlist.m3u8" type="video/mp4" />

I am trying to play h264 encoded live stream using html5 video tag. Live stream is broadcasted by wowza media server and when visiting src link I get a valid playlist file. When trying to play the stream on android chrome browser, player does nothing and shows black screen.

Is this html5 video tag related issue or maybe broadcaster?

Answer Source

These are the formats you can play using html5 source tags.

Think of a video format as a zip file which contains the encoded video stream and audio stream. The three formats you should care about for the web are (webm, mp4 and ogv):

.mp4 = H.264 + AAC
.ogg/.ogv = Theora + Vorbis
.webm = VP8 + Vorbis
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