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How to show the remaining cells on the UIButton click at the bottom of the UITableview?

I have a list of ATM counters to be shown in a table view. But initially i am showing the nearest ATM centre i.e single ATM centre at the first row. At the bottom of the first UITablecell there is a UIButton to show the show the remaining ATM centres.

My question is "How to show the remaining table cells on that UIButton Click".
Please have an idea on this.

Answer Source

I assume you want to display single cell initially.

  • Customize the view similar to cell and load it on section.
  • Provide button tag as section.
  • On Button click you can reload cells for selected section by button tag.

If it is not single cell

  • Use the similar approach and identify based on selected section.

Refer to Expandable Table view

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