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Python Question

Python Leibniz summation

Leibniz summation

I'm trying to get leibniz summation with python, but, with my code, I'm getting slightly different value. I can't find why it's not giving me the right answer. help.

import math
def estimate_pi( iterations ):
pi = 0.0
for n in range(0,iterations+1):
pi = pi + (math.pow(-1,n)/((2*n)+1))

return pi

print("How many iterations?")

Answer Source

The summation does not estimate pi, it estimates pi/4. So change the code to something like:

def estimate_pi( iterations ):
    sum = 0.0
    for n in range(iterations):
        sum += (math.pow(-1,n)/((2*n)+1))
    # sum now estimates pi/4, so return sum * 4 ~ (pi/4) * 4 ~ pi
    return (sum * 4)

print estimate_pi(100000)


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