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Access Angular object's function from outside JS

I'm building a HTML-app with the AngularJS framework. I have some legacy JavaScript actions that needs to access a function within the Angular-object, and I can't get it to work.

This is the Angular-object (function I need to access is the


function content($scope) {
$scope.info = function (id) {
console.log('Got a call from '+id);
$scope.text = "Hello, "+id;

I have attempted to access it through
, but with no result (console says
). I attempted to dump the result of
, and I got the full object list and everything. Theoretically, my first example should work, however it does not.

Any guidance as to how I can achieve this is much appreciated!

(PS: Call Angular JS from legacy code did not resolve this).

When I was finally able to access the function, it didn't work as expected – the value of
is technically modified, but the expressions used in the HTML are not updated! For example,
does not get updated after this function is called from an external function.

Is there any way to fix this?

Answer Source

angular.element() expects a DOM element, so if you have this html:

<div ng-controller="content">

and you want to access its DOM element, use an id:

<div id="myDiv" ng-controller="content">



or without jQuery:


should work.


If you changed something on the scope, you will probably need to use $apply():

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