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Jade Question

Change the "No file chosen":

I have a button "Choose file" as follows (I am using Jade but it should be the same as Html5):

input(type='file', name='videoFile')

In the browser this shows a button with a text next to it "No file chosen". I would like to change the "No file chosen" text to something else, like "No video chosen" or "Choose a video please". I followed the first suggestions here:

I don't want to see 'no file chosen' for a file input field

But doing this did not change the text:

input(type='file', name='videoFile', title = "Choose a video please")

Can anybody help me figure out where the problem is?

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I'm pretty sure you cannot change the default labels on buttons, they are hard-coded in browsers (each browser rendering the buttons captions its own way). Check out this button styling article