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How can I access the heart rate sensor on my galaxy s5 using the standard apis?

Starting from How to access Galaxy S5 heart rate sensor? I tried to access the S5 heart rate monitor via android API (not Samsung health APIs)

This other example, for samsung wear, does not work on S5.

In the meanwhile I listed all the available sensors on the S5 via code and found two interesting ones:

65561 MAX86900
65562 HRM Sensor

The S5 BOM says:

Biosensor (heart rate) – MFG: MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS INC – MPN: MAX86900 –

as sensor ID I get some data (and it changes if I move my finger over the sensor).

I cannot get call to the callback.

The other sensors I found:

1 MPU6500 Acceleration Sensor
2 AK09911C Magnetic field Sensor
14 AK09911C Magnetic Sensor UnCalibrated
4 MPU6500 Gyroscope Sensor
16 MPU6500 Uncalibrated Gyroscope Sensor
8 TMG399X Proximity Sensor
5 TMG399X RGB Sensor
11 MPL Rotation Vector
15 MPL Game Rotation Vector
18 SAMSUNG Step Detector Sensor
19 SAMSUNG Step Counter Sensor
17 SAMSUNG Significant Motion Sensor
65558 Screen Orientation Sensor
3 Orientation Sensor
9 Gravity Sensor
10 Linear Acceleration Sensor

So, is there a way to access the heart rate monitor of the Galaxy S5 using only the standard APIs?

Answer Source

Same question already asked: How to access Galaxy S5 heart rate sensor?

"Use SensorManager.getDefaultSensor(65562) to get direct access to the HRM sensor." by VD63

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