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WPF Command Line Arguments, a smart way?

I'm looking for a way that I can parse command line arguments into my WPF application with just a way of reading the value of the argument that the user passed.

As an example

application.exe /setTime 5

is there a way for me to have some code where I can just say:


Which will output

Working Solution

How to create smart WPF Command Line Arguments

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When you parse the command line put the argument/value pairs in a Dictionary with the argument as the key. Then your arg("SetTime") will become:


(Obviously you don't want the actual dictionary to be public.)

To get the arguments in the first place you can use:

string[] args = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs();

This will return all the arguments so you will need to parse the array in steps of two (after first checking that the length is a multiple of two + 1):

The first element of the array is the name of the executing program - MSDN Page - so your loop needs to start from one:

for (int index = 1; index < args.Length; index += 2)
     dictionary.Add(args[index], args[index+1]);

This loops in steps of two as you define each argument is a pair of values: the identifier and the actual value itself, e.g.

my.exe -arg1 value1 -arg2 value2

Then you can simply see if the argument is specified by seeing if the key -arg1 is in the dictionary and then read it's value:

string value;
if (dictionary.TryGetValue(arg, out value))
    // Do what ever with the value

This means you can have the arguments in any order and omit any arguments you don't want to specify.

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