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Why Tab bar is going to hide when Push to another View in objective c

i am using Tab bar Controller with Four Tabs in my applicatin.In second Tab I m using PageViewcontroller.Page view Controller contains Five pages. where first Page View Contains the Button. on button click we can navigate to another View. when we navigate to another View .Tab is going to be hide.
But i dont want To hide the Tab bar.

Anyone can please Help for resolve this problem.

Answer Source

In order to make UITabBar visible in all the screens of your app you need to take UINavigationController for all the tabs, UINavigationController will be the viewControllers with relational segue and UINavigationController's root view controllers will be your initial controllers which you want to show on Tabs

Below is the screenshot of how you design it using your storyboard

enter image description here

And here is how it works

enter image description here

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