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AngularJS Question

Multiple get API in MEAN.IO (Express, Angular)

In traditional REST API, we should define our API like this:

  • GET /api/things -> get all

  • POST /api/things -> create

  • GET /api/things/:id -> get one

  • PUT /api/things/:id -> update

  • DELETE /api/things/:id -> delete

How should i define another 'get one' endpoint for querying data by any other field other than id? For example:

  • GET /api/things/:title -> get one by title (this sure does not work since the api isn't aware of URL parameter names)

  • GET /api/things/title/:title ? this does not work for me at all..

  • GET /api/things?title=whatever (this cannot be defined at all. When i write this in my index.js:

    router.get('?title=whatever', controller.getByTitle);

I get this:

SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /^?title=whatever\/?$/: Nothing to repeat
at RegExp (native)

Answer Source

ID should be an unique identifier. Given one ID, you should return one resource at most. That's why an URI like GET /api/things/:id makes sense.

For other properties which may or may not be unique, you can have more than one result, so use the GET /api/things endpoint and pass query parameters : /api/things?title=mytitle.

app.get('/api/things', function (req, res) {
    console.log(req.query.title); //mytitle
       title: req.query.title    
    }, function (err, things) {
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