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YAML Question

JS file in root not loading in Google Appengine

I am adding a service worker in Google Appengine. According to the documentation,

must be in the same folder as the HTML file which is calling it.

I added the following to my
file, but I am still getting 404 Not Found for the

- url: /(index|sw)\.js$
static_files: \1
upload: (index|sw)\.js$
application_readable: true

I tested my regular expression in regex101.com, so I know that's correct.

I think there's something wrong with the rest of the declaration.

Answer Source

Your regex omits the extension from the static_files file. Try:

- url: /(index|sw)\.js$
  static_files: \1.js
  upload: (index|sw)\.js
  application_readable: true
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