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reST (reStructuredText) Question

What's the difference between text/xml vs application/xml for webservice response

This is more of a general question about the difference between

I am fairly new to writing webservices (REST - Jersey). I have been producing
since it is what shows up in most tutorials / code examples that I have been using to learn, but I recently found out about
and was wondering what is different about it and when would you use it over

Answer Source

From the RFC (3023), under section 3, XML Media Types:

If an XML document -- that is, the unprocessed, source XML document -- is readable by casual users, text/xml is preferable to application/xml. MIME user agents (and web user agents) that do not have explicit support for text/xml will treat it as text/plain, for example, by displaying the XML MIME entity as plain text. Application/xml is preferable when the XML MIME entity is unreadable by casual users.

(emphasis mine)

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